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Software Features

Media Tape/Disk:

  • Hi-Def, MOV, H.264, wvm
  • PAL /NTSC (drop & non drop frame
  • Precision device control
  • Print tape labels with rundown

Logo's/Crawl's/live data feed's

  • Integrated realtime into broadcast
  • Easily removed or changed during breaks
  • Support for exceptions, triggers, and other auxiliary tasks

Library Management

  • A single unified database for ALL your programs, feeds, & tapes
  • Extensive Metadata support
  • Start, Stop, Kill Dates


  • Automated Audio Leveling ingest and broadcast (even of live events)
  • Approval/review process
  • File/tape content previewed at any stage

Accounting (Integration with client provided):

  • Most T&B software
  • Quickbooks
  • Facil
  • RSN
  • HTML Reports

User Assist:

  • Manually trigger ad breaks on demand
  • Skip to next item now
  • DTMF tones sent to affiliates
  • Block Copy/Paste
  • Easily build program blocks

Data Entry:

  • Auto fill of data fields
  • Built in Time code Calculation Based on TRT and/or from In or Out point
  • Hot folders
  • Automatic import

Technology Compatible:

  • IPTV
  • MPEG II, AVI, WMV, mov (recording/playout)
  • Manage content anywhere on network


  • Channel Shadowing
  • All drives mirrored or other raid
  • Dual power supplies

Industrial Grade:

  • Adj H & V
  • Genlock detection
  • Fine tune (globally) Hue, Sat, etc

Remote Locations:

  • Field tested/proven reliability
  • Manage multiple remote servers from centralized software


ShowMaker Software Screen Shot

Typical ShowMaker Software Screen