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Showmaker Software

Showmaker creates playlists, grabs ads and/or bumpers, impoorts traffic log files, creates verification logs, and sends & receives GPI triggers. Whether a client is running a broadcast television station or a simple kiosk, ShowMaker makes it easy. Designed to quickly and easily create and run a list of files (videos) in the order you wish to run them. 

ShowMaker Software Screen Shot

Typical ShowMaker Software Screen

Easy to Understand. Easy to Use.

That is what makes our ShowMaker Software so unique and powerful. It starts with uncompromising simplicity so you can easily do what you need to -- without reading a manual!  Then quickly get the job done.

You’ll find software solutions for every aspect of broadcasting from finding the video you need -- no matter how big your content library -- to getting things ingested, moved around, played, and logged.  We have a solution that meets your needs.



Robust Recording
Time Saving
Real time monitoring
Infinitely Scalable
Media Tape/Disk
Logo's/Crawl's/live data feed's
Advanced Library Management
Advanced Workflow
Accounting Integration
Helpful User Assists
Assisted Data Entry
Highly Compatible
Operation From Remote Locations

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