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Why is the technology so often interfering?  Then you try to get help – ouch!  Here it comes ‘please use our web based support query’ or you call tech support and get interrogated with 50 questions before you can even ask yours.  The whole time you’re thinking ‘… this shouldn’t be this difficult!’

We help you build the system that fits your specific requirements--all the little stuff you never realized you needed, without all the big stuff you don't really need.

The DigiCaster System

For more information about the components of the DigiCaster system, you can click on the individual components below.


Transmission Gear

Solutions for: IPTV, Roku, Satellite, Digital Modulation to cable and over-the-air, iPhone/Droid & Internet Streamming


Dual Rack Monitors

Monitors have video pass thru (tv's don't) this allows you to monitor your signals at any point in the video singnal process.


Audio Levelizer Unit

In many live productions an audio engineer "rides the mixer" ensuring audio levels stay within range. The PAL-AS works the same as your operator but automatically 24/7/365.
A reliable, cost-effective solution for studio control and master control.



AKA "Video Wall"… Multi-viewer monitors numerous signals AND serves as a platform for identifying problems such as no audio.


Processing Gear in Frame

One box with dual power for all the specialty video products, split signals, convert from digital to analog, from SDI to HDMI, embed or de-embed analog audio, frame sync, etc.


Routing Switcher

Record any source, monitor anything, by-pass things, easily timeshare expensive gear, bypass automation, Go Live or Join in Progress. Extensive range of matrix sizes available (2x1—256x256) covering signal formats from analogue video/audio to 3G HDTV – this is one of the most helpful items for your facility.


Primary Automation Server

Every system starts with a Master Server – this hosts the D.Co automation software. Can include built in play-out, recording, graphics insertion and device control. In larger systems this server is controlling other servers.


Internet or IPTV Broadcast Server

All sources simultaneously broadcast using iptv technology for internet viewers, head ends, affiliates & central casts.


AOS – Add-On Storage

Optionally expand your storage for 1000's or tens of 1000's of hours of video content.


Shadow/Expansion Server

Add a fully redundant backup server to create a "shadow" feed. This provides 2 playout feeds for the ultimate in redundancy.


Line Conditioning

Fully on-line power conditioning UPS inverter converts all inbound electricity from AC to DC and back to AC for complete rock solid power stability and sine wave output.


Video Wall (output of Multi-Viewer)

The display you use every day to verify signals, preview video, verify audio levels, monitor recording events, monitor feeds from your content providers, studios, production vans, and other servers.


Audio Monitors

Time & Phase aligned accurate audio signal monitors ensure you are hearing what your viewers hear on their high end home theater system. Specifically designed for near-field environment.


Engineering Monitor

With the click of the mouse preview any source or video from the servers. Engineering monitor is normally tied to Audio Monitors and Waveform Vectorscope for fast complete details of your current job focus.


ShowMakerPro – Centaur

Powerful – Easy-to-Use - Scalable broadcast automation software for any size and any budget. Control all devices, videos, events and manage logs, meta-data, content throughout your network. Multi-Channel, Multi-user database driven solution.


Waveform Vectorscope Display

Verify video, chroma, setup, black levels – normally tied to audio monitors and main Preview output. View to screen is generated from rasterizer.



Control multiple computers from a single keyboard mouse and video monitor. D.Co can provide for a single or multiple users.


Waveform Vectorscope

This unit is connected to the routing switcher so operator can easily QC any video.


Routing Switcher Control Panel

This programmable remote panel allows for control of the routing switcher from anywhere in the facility. Panels can be daisy chained for multi-user/multi-location control. Each panel is programmable to operate as a Single Bus Controller, Salvo initiator, or full XY controller.


Audio Metering

Visual monitoring of audio levels provides the most granularity of what the audio levels of the monitored source are "doing". This item is normally tied to the preview monitor, audio speakers, and the waveform vectorscope.



Master Control Furniture Console to create and organized professional workspace for operator's.