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We don’t just sell you “technology in a box” and never talk again. We seek to understand your needs even AFTER the sale! 

We’ve listened as you’ve told us about  how the “tv station in a box” has limited or let you down.

With technology changing  almost daily you need someone you can rely on to keep things operating smoothly and someone to talk to on an ongoing basis to keep up with ever-changing technology.

Specialty Video Products is your assistant whether you’re looking for a small simple solution or you’re  growing, & expanding you’ll appreciate having SVP just a phone call away – now and after your initial purchase.

You’ll  value the consultive approach and you’ll see it reflected in everything we do.

Many clients report that  investing in SVP solutions cost a fraction of what they used to pay consultants to constantly tweak things.

Product Lines

We understand there is no one-size fits all approach, so we have made several basic products from which we can start and then customize to your specific requirements to devlier the system that fits you best.

Centaur Chimera Gryphon
Enterprise Advanced Basic
  • Robust database (multi-user)
  • Proxy & Meta-data
  • Library Management
  • Instant retroactive schedule changes
  • Extensive auxiliary event support
  • Interface with all gear
  • Live Assist

Learn more about Centaur

  • Database engine (basic-single user)
  • Routing switcher & deck control
  • Support for Channel Shadowing option
  • Optional Harsware Preview
  • Video reference input
  • Lower Thirds - Logo & Crawl

Learn more about Chimera

  • Copy files onto server
  • Gryphon liss all content and allows easy building of a program schedule and play lists
  • Built-in Logo/Crawl
  • Support for optional automated capture of content from live or from tape via firewire

Learn more about Gryphon

Centaur Unit Chimera Unit Gryphon Unit