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Centaur is an enterprise class complete turn-key master control system with limitless capabilities/flexibilities integrated with many aspects of a broadcaster’s facility.

Flexible & Scalable

Automate entire facilities, control dozens of channels, ingest thousands of hours of tapes, satellite and studio feeds

Extensive meta data fields, work flow statusing, interface with external data and devices, robust simultaneous mulit-user support, reporting, traffic and billing

Scale to any size - as your station grows your system grows with you. Easily ad: affiliates, upstream and down stream ad triggers, video storage, channels, master control switchers, satellite dish control, etc

Typical Centaur System

Centaur Diagram

We Partner With You

SVP's technical expertise, design and support capabilities and VAR-level access to all necessary components result in a true partnership between SVP and its growing list of customers. We combine the DigiCaster system with technical consulting before, during and after system design and installation to provide complete systems for a wide range of customers. This technical expertise covers component selection, system design, physical room design and equipment setup.


Centaur Unit

  • Robust database (multi-user)
  • Proxy & Meta-data
  • Library Management
  • Instant retroactive schedule changes
  • Extensive auxiliary event support
  • Interface with all gear
  • Live Assist
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